Privacy Policy

Wildcountry Consultants Ltd Statement of Compliance with GDPR May 2018

Wildcountry Consultants recognize the requirement to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and as such has appointed Chris Horobin (Company Secretary) responsible for this compliance and to oversee GDPR activities.

Following a review of our operating procedures the following areas requiring compliance have been identified.

  • The collection of personal data
  • The security and storing of personal data
  • The distribution of personal data
  • The disposal of any documentation

The collection of personal data

Wildcountry consultants require to collect personal data on the following people.

Individuals participating in any programmed activities

Organisational staff assisting in the delivery of these activities

Wildcountry Consultants staff ( Full time and Freelance ) assisting in the delivery of these activities.

Data Collected

Individual Participants

  • Full names of participants
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Medical Information
  • Parent and emergency contact details
  • Previous experience in regards to DofE activities

Organisational Staff

  • Names
  • Contact telephone numbers

Wildcountry Consultants Staff (Freelance)

  • Full Names and Addresses, inc e-mail addresses
  • Contact Numbers
  • Copies of certificates relating to industry specific qualifications
  • Bank Details

No other data is required and is in anyway stored for any period of time

The Security and Storing of personal data

All of data is held in a Local area network and we have in place a number of systems, processes, products and services to ensure security, these include;

  • Password policy template, including full implementation
  • Data security statement template
  • User education and awareness
  • Hardware and software security reviews
  • Email filtering and quarantine services
  • Web content filtering and security
  • Business-grade anti-virus protection
  • Anti-malware deployments
  • Onsite data backup solutions
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning

All data relating to the participants is held on an ongoing basis for our own legal protection.

Data relating to staff is reviewed annually and is permanently deleted when no longer required or updated if necessary.

All data is available upon request to the individual.

The distribution of personal data and secure disposal

Wildcountry Consultants management of risk require that some personal data ( participants and staff ( both freelance and organisational )) is accessible to our personnel for the safe running of our activities.

This data is limited to


  • Medical details
  • Full names
  • Parental contact details (open expeditions only)

Organisational staff

  • Contact phone numbers
  • Post codes

This data is distributed by e-mail and is available to the appropriate personnel in hard copy for the duration of the activity.

Personal information relating to the participants will not be distributed to the WCC staff by e-mail

Freelance staff are requested to permanently delete any e-mails they receive relating to the activity after it has finished and to hand back any hard copy information for secure disposal by Wildcountry Consultants or the school/organisation.

Any hard copy information is shredded at the Wildcountry Consultants office.

All Course Information Packs will be logged out and in by the WCC office and will include only information relative to the course/activity or the team managed by the WCC staff.



A family run business based in the South West of England who have been providing high quality DofE expedition services to schools for over 15 years.

We have been operating in the outdoor environment for over 40 years and this has allowed us to build up a network of over 50 similarly minded and experienced personnel. Being an industry leader in the running of DofE expeditions we do not need to advertise or scrabble around looking for instructors when we are busy, we have a waiting list of instructors who want to come and work for us.

Not all expedition companies are the same. Our aim is to make the DofE Expedition section as Adventurous, Enjoyable and Educational for the group as possible.

The DofE is an achievement award, the expedition should be a challenge but also an enjoyable experience it should not just be a “tick in the box” experience.

The expedition section of the award will expose the participants to a degree of risk, some of which is beyond the ability of the best of us to forecast, our staff are Mountain Leaders first and DofE leaders secondly putting safety first as a priority for all.

UK DofE Duke of Edinburgh Award


The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is a voluntary, non-competitive and uniquely individual program of activities for anyone aged between 14 and 24.

All levels of the award require the participants to complete an expedition in a team of the appropriate size in an environment suited to the level of the award and the ability of the group.

Specialising in walking expeditions at all levels of the award our DofE expedition services are second to none.

Its not what you pay for your expeditions but what you get for your money that is important. We aim to give you the best service at the best possible price.

Not all AAP’s are the same.

OVERSEAS DofE Duke of Edinburgh Award

Overseas DofE

Tired of the rain, overcrowded campsites and the same old places?

If so and you want to give your DofE participants a unique experience as part of their DofE program that they will remember for the rest of their lives, then why not consider one of our European Expedition destinations.

Cheap flights from local airports give you the ability to be there in just a couple of hours, in country transport meets EU safety standards, and a comprehensive rescue and medical service is avalaible at the end of the phone. All this, and you can be confident of more settled weather.

Below are a variety of options for you to consider, they have suggested itineraries but anything can be changed to suit your budget and the ability of your groups. All prices quoted are excluding flights as prices can vary significantly due to operator, departure dates and times and we leave this up to your discretion rather than adopt a one price fits all approach.

Most importantly, all of these destinations and routes have been visited and walked and comprehensively risk assessed by leading members of the WCC team, campsites have been checked and in country transport is supplied by known companies whoes standards have been vetted.

All of our overseas expeditions are run by an International Mountain Leader and/or Qualified watersports instructor whois familiar with the area and local support services.

When prices prices start at £500 for a weeks adventure and a lifelong memory, why wait ?

Suitable for single or multiple groups
Moderate - Challenging
Best months August - Oct
Cost from £500 p/person depending on numbers
7-9 day itineraries

Suitable for one or two groups
Best months August - Sept
Cost from £600 depending on numbers
8-9 day itineraries

Suitable for single or multiple groups
Moderate difficulty
Best Months July - Oct
Cost from £500 p/person depending on numbers
7 or 8 day itinerary

Suitable for one or two groups
Best months mid/late July - Oct
Cost from £1200 (for the full tour), including accommodation by camping throughout
7-14 day itineraries available

Suitable for one or two groups
Moderate difficulty
Best Months July - Sept
Cost from £1000 depending on numbers and itinerary
7-9 day itineraries

Suitable for one or two groups
Best Months April - June and Sept - Nov
Various Itineraries

Best for 1 or 2 groups
Grade - Challenging
Best months Late June/July and Late August/September. August is very busy
Cost from £600 p/person depending on numbers.
7-9 day itineraries

Best for 1 or 2 groups
Grade - Challenging
Best months June/July and Late August/September/Early October
Cost from £700 p/person depending on numbers.
7-9 day itineraries