Training Courses for DofE Managers and Outdoor Leaders

Through our partners and qualified staff we run a range of Expedition, First Aid and MLTUK certified courses, to ensure your qualifications are up to date and that you are following evolving best practice.

We recognise that finding a course to fit in with your schedule and location is at best difficult and at worst time consuming and frustrating, especially if the course is cancelled at the last minute.

Wildcountry Consultants are happy to come to you, we will attend your school to run these courses on a date which suits your staff.

Clearly any courses that require the training to take place in the outdoor environment (MLTUK certified courses) must take place in the recommended terrain. We will run these courses at your convenience for a set fee provided there is a minimum of four participants.

Mountain Leader (Summer) courses are the exception and we have set dates advised on the appriopriate page.