Our Principles are simple:

    We believe: that whatever the outdoor experience, whether it is a Duke of Edinburgh Award, A 24 hour Wilderness Challenge or an Activity Weekend, it is not just a "tick in the box" experience.

    It is a threefold opportunity to:

    • expand individual and team skills through experience
    • instill confidence and promote safety through knowledge
    • develop an understanding and respect for wild places


    Your students will recieve constructive feedback with an aim to develop:

    • Communication
    • Teamwork and Leadership
    • An understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses.


      We believe that:

      • Risk is inherent in the outdoor environment, but the participants should not be unnecessarily shielded from this, rather, more importantly, they should be equipped with the skills to operate in this environment, then supervised in such a way as to ensure their safety whilst they develop confidence in their newly discovered abilities.
      • Thorough preparation is the key to safety and success
      • All individuals have their own unique skills to bring to the team and that everyone can learn and therefore benefit from the expedition experience.
      • Safety is paramount, our leaders are Mountain leaders first and foremost and DofE supervisors and assessors secondly.


      We aim to:

      • Provide you with an enjoyable expedition experience
      • Help you choose a challenge matched to your group’s ability
      • Guarantee a service where the DofE principles are upheld
      • Maximise development of individuals in the team context.