An advantage of operating for over 30 years in the outdoors is that we have built a portfolio of over 40 highly experienced freelance staff, many of whom work solely for us.

Choire Horobin ML (summer)  SPA

Choire has over 20 years of experience operating in all of the UKs upland and mountainous environments and is passionate about helping others develop a love and understanding of the natural world, as well as building their self reliance and confidence, through working with them on their DoE expeditions.

Choire completed DoE Gold in Snowdonia during a late October blizzard in 2007 - since then has gone on to become ML and SPA qualified. He is also a Gold Level DofE Accredited Assessor.

He assisted Chris in leading a successful trip to climb Mera Peak (6450m) in the Nepalese Himalaya in 2013.

When not in the field Choire tries to get out rock climbing regularly and aspires to become MIA qualified so he can lead others on adventures in the vertical!